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Mini Sprint Car Chassis Q & A

We answer typical questions many new people as well as others in the mini sprint racing ask when getting their first mini sprint.

Q: What is the offset wings’ main advantage?

A: The main advantage of offset wings or offset panels as some refer to it is to keep cars tight while in the middle of a turn while still avoiding going too tight into a turn. Wide wings generate less drag and more down force too and handling is far better and skidding is avoided.

Q: Which springs are better for a faster car, stiffer or softer springs?

A: Stiffer springs in the front makes a car tighter while softer springs allow tires to maintain well with surfaces. You need better compliance as your tires remain intact but in the same breath will a stiff spring cause tire bumps and bounces. When you read this professional and informed reply you will note that there is no specific good or bad rather depending on tracks and weather. Run stiff springs when you are on slick tracks and keep the softer springs on wet tracks.

Q: Can you run two different tire manufacturer tires on the rear of the car or must you use the same manufacturer?

A: manufacturers do not matter as long as they are the same even though not from the same make.

Q: What is wrong that my car wander when going down a straight?

A: in all probability the answer could be that the kingpins are not angled v=back enough as the correct angle back is nine to ten degrees. Use an angle finder to the spindle’s front, straight up and down and do a measure. Now turn the right front control arms until you have nine to ten degrees and you should not have the problem again.