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Mounting Mini Sprint Wings

You might wonder if you simply buy the wing and place it at an angle and you are done, but believe me if you do not add tip plates, wickerbills and incorporate hydraulic wing adjusters you will find your mini sprint car’s performance sorely lacking of flying behind you when you are at high speed. Keep in mind that this car of yours must always comply to World of Outlaws requirements if you want to race on any track or race competitively.

The wickerbill is simply a metal strip that you add to the wings’ trailing edge. There is a reason why you add it as it creates low pressure behind the flap that speeds up air flow that comes from under the wing. You get a wickerbill in numerous sizes between one to three inches and when you are on a high speed track I suggest you do take the wickerbill off as it increases drag.

As you notice are the track conditions and type making a difference in most things you add and change to a mini sprint, but it is worth it. The tip plate makes sure that high air pressure moves over the top and not spill over side under the wing where the low pressure area is and vice versa. Otherwise you have a whirling vortex that reduces the efficiency of the wing.

The other important use is the side force it creates and to achieve it you place the right tip plate lower that the left tip plate if you want the pressure on the left side and again vice versa if you want the side forces on a different side of the wing. Using a hydraulic wing adjuster allows you to adjust the wing while driving according to track conditions and it works from the steering system.