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Sprint Car Torsion Bars

You probably know about car suspensions right, well the common mini sprint car suspension is a torsion bar and as you realize is this yet another important component to your great racing and driving ability. It purpose is to provide linkage between the track surface and the chassis of the car.

Torsion bars are either hollow or solid and manufactured from aircraft quality alloy steel and my suggestion is using the hollow ones as they are obviously lighter too while giving you a faster spring rate. Good manufacturers of torsion bars include Chalk Stix, Sander Engineering, MPD and Schroeder. The spring rate is determined by the outside diameter of the bar and the larger the diameter the stiffer the bar would be.

They are fitted inside the torsion bar tubes that you have at the rear and the front of the chassis and the height of the mini sprint car is adjusted with it and you do it when you alter the torsion bar angles or you can use adjustment bolts that you find on the bar stops. Maintenance is important on a mini sprint car’s torsion bars and removed every time after you raced to make sure the condition is still great.

You do not need to replace it until you have raced about twenty to twenty five times, thus just regular checking them will ensure they are in tip top condition. Whenever you had a big accident I suggest that you replace them as well as they could also lose their effectiveness.Whenyou install the bars you should also grease the bar ends and another great idea it isgreasing the center of the bars as they tend to twist up and make contact with the torsion bar tubes. Once installed you have to ensure that it moves freely in its tubes.